Ngāti Rārua Iwi Trust is formed.


Ngāti Rārua Iwi Trust set up a committee (komiti) to manage Treaty claims.


Historical Treaty claim known as Wai 594 is lodged to the Waitangi Tribunal by Barry Mason and others on behalf

August 2000 to March 2004

Ngāti Rārua historical claim is heard by the Waitangi Tribunal as part of all Te Tau Ihu claims in northern South Island.

October 2006

Crown recognises Ngāti Rārua Iwi Trust mandate to negotiate a settlement of iwi historical claim.

April 2007

Waitangi Tribunal release report upholding Ngāti Rārua claim.

November 2007

Ngāti Rārua Iwi Trust along with other Te Tau Ihu iwi and the Crown agree on scope of negotiations. in Te Tau Ihu district.


Negotiation between Ngāti Rārua Iwi Trust and the Crown begin.

February 2009

Ngāti Rārua Iwi Trust representatives and the Crown sign an agreement in principle.

October 2010

Crown suspends negotiations. with all Tainui Taranaki iwi including Ngāti Rārua due to High Court litigation between the Crown and Wakatu Incorporation.

June 2011

Ngāti Rārua Iwi Trust form whakapapa komiti to assess iwi membership registrations and launch a website to keep iwi members informed of the settlement process and negotiations.

October 2011

Deed of Settlement is initialled by Ngāti Rārua Iwi Trust and the Crown.

June 2012

High Court rules against Wakatu Incorporation and in favour of the Crown.

October 2012

Cabinet agrees to proceed to signing the deed of Settlement with Ngāti Rārua given the High Court judgment.

March 2013

Ratification of the Ngāti Rārua Treaty settlement begins.