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    Mangōpare cadetship slashes pilot training time

    The Mangōpare Air New Zealand Pilot Cadetship is an all-inclusive training programme that accelerates the journey to becoming a commercial pilot from the typical 24-36 months to approximately 14 months.

    With an initial commitment of 30 pilots, successfully selected cadets will commence training in small cohorts from September 2024, with the majority of costs, including training and living expenses, funded by Air New Zealand (subject to conditions).

    To quickly establish the cadetship, cadets will initially train overseas using existing capacity while Air New Zealand conducts a procurement process to identify a long-term domestic training provider.

    Cadets will be predominantly based in Arizona, where they will learn to fly single and multi-engine planes. They will then travel to Dubai to complete simulator sessions, becoming type-rated to fly ATR72-600 aircraft. Once qualified, successful cadets will have a pathway to employment as an Air New Zealand pilot.

    Air New Zealand Chief Operational Integrity and Safety Officer Captain David Morgan says looking at both short and longer-term solutions to training pilots is crucial to ensure the airline can meet future travel demand.

    "That's why Air New Zealand is taking this proactive step to fund the majority of the training costs for 30 cadets. The programme not only opens the door for individuals from all backgrounds to consider a career as a pilot but also provides an expedited training pathway.

    "We also know airlines around the world are already having to ground aircraft and cancel flights due to a lack of pilots. While these shortages have yet to impact Air New Zealand, we could see this change quickly if we aren't proactive now".

    "In New Zealand, air travel is crucial in connecting Kiwis with each other and the world, as well as transporting high-value goods that contribute to our economy. We play an important role in ensuring we have the pilots needed to keep our aircraft flying."

    More information and how to apply

    • Applications for the Air New Zealand Mangōpare Pilot Cadetship are open until 8 July 2024.
    • Full details, including eligibility requirements, assessment and selection process and cadetship outline can all be found on the Mangōpare Air New Zealand Pilot Cadetship website.
    • The Air New Zealand Mangōpare Pilot Cadetship is only open to New Zealand citizens

    Richard Liddicoat

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    Mangōpare cadetship slashes pilot training time