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    Find out about our investment activities in Te Tau Ihu o te Waka a Maui, the top of the South Island.

    Te Rūnanga o Ngāti Rārua holds a mix of land, assets and business activities. Our role is to grow revenue and capital for our current and future social, cultural and political activities so we can help our people to thrive.

    Our Land & Properties | Our Assets | Our Business Activities

    Our Land & Properties

    Ngāti Rārua owns a variety of land parcels in Te Tau Ihu o te Waka a Maui, the top of the South Island.

    Nelson, Marlborough and Motueka

    We paid $2.1m to the Crown for a variety of land we hold in Marlborough, Nelson and Motueka. They are occupied by Tuamarina School, Blenheim Police, Nelson Intermediate School, Rudolph Steiner School and others. These provide a rental return that exceeds what we would achieve if the money sat in the bank.

    We hold Crown Forest Licenced Land in Pearse Valley, Motueka and have joint interests with Ngāti Tama and Te Ātiawa in Kaiteriteri and Marahau.

    Land Purchases

    We are looking to complete land purchases of Crown properties within Tākaka as part of our negotiated Treaty Settlement agreement.

    Investment Property

    The Kinross Street is an investment property that currently houses our head office and as well as a long-term commercial tenant. This provides both rental income and capital appreciation over time.

    Our Assets

    Ngāti Rārua hold significant amounts of cash as a result of the Treaty Settlement process. Ongoing activity in other commercial sectors is ensuring a more balanced asset portfolio will be achieved in the coming years.

    Our Business Activities

    We 100% own five companies. Two which control fishing interests in the South Island, one is a dedicated health care provider and the other is a trust which manages commercial redress with the New Zealand Government. We have developed idle lands on Wairau Bar Road into vineyard which had its first harvest in 2019.

    Ngāti Rārua Asset Holding Company

    Ngāti Rārua Iwi Trust formed the Ngāti Rārua Asset Holding Company as a separate entity, to hold the shares in Aotearoa Fisheries Ltd (trading as Moana NZ) and the bulk of Quota assets.

    Island Vines Vineyards

    The vineyard operation began with a $3.1m investment and this has generated pleasing financial results. It is a commercial activity that is exposed to the risks of weather, and to market risks due to grape pricing. While these variables remain constant this is a very satisfactory investment proposition. We believe there is additional value since part of the vineyard is leased from a whānau trust who also benefit from this success, and it envelops our local urupā.

    Te Tao Tangaroa Ltd

    Ngāti Rārua Iwi Trust formed Te Tao Tangaroa Ltd as a separate company to control its various fisheries interests. As well as managing the day to day marine farming and quota (wetfish and shellfish) interests, it also represents Ngāti Rārua with:

    • Fisheries allocation processes
    • Developing and implementing the aquaculture settlement
    • Working with other iwi and crown parties on cultural and traditional fisheries roles
    • Identification of any fisheries opportunities and acquisition/implementation of such where appropriate
    • Administers the quota tender process and oversees the three aquaculture Joint Ventures (JV).

    Te Hauora o Ngāti Rārua Ltd

    Te Hauora o Ngāti Rārua Limited is an accredited Māori health provider with the DAA Group, operating out of Wairau. It is owned by Te Runanga o Ngāti Rārua, governed by a Board of Directors, and employs General Manager Amoroa (Molly) Luke and a small team.

    Since it began operating in 1996, Te Hauora o Ngāti Rārua (THONR) has been delivering free mobile health services to the Māori communities of Marlborough and Nelson, working collaboratively with other health providers to meet whānau health needs. A "by Māori for Māori" health service committed to delivering quality care to whānau who choose to access our service.

    THONR’s mobile services are delivered directly by registered nurses and whānau workers in the Wairau community. The service works collaboratively with other Health Providers, GPs, non-government organisations, government departments, hospitals, and Primary Health Care Organisations (PHOs).

    Te Hauora o Ngāti Rārua provides the following services:

    • Aukati Kaipaipa – Smoking Cessation
    • Te Ara Tautoko - Alcohol Harm Minimisation
    • Te Ara Mahana - Like Minds Like Mine
    • Whānau Ora Navigator Service
    • Kaumātua Care
    • Rongoā Māori
    • Maara Oranga