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    Annual Report 2019

    Kia ora e te whanaunga

    On behalf of the Rūnanga Board of Trustees I’m pleased to share the 2019 Annual Report with you.

    Please share with your whānau and encourage them to contact us so that we can send directly to them in the future.

    View Annual Report 2019 here

    Registered members over the age of 65 should have received a hard copy with their voting packs. All registered members over the age of 18 should also have received their voting packs for the Trustee elections. We are lucky to have a number of exceptional candidates for our Trustee positions this year so I encourage you all to vote.

    If you haven’t received a voting pack, please phone Election Services on 0800 922 822 or email and they will see you right.

    Nāku noa, nā

    Olivia Hall

    Michelle Lavender

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    Annual Report 2019