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    Arts funding oppportunities

    If you're an artist in Te Tauihu, there are several funding opportunities available to you.

    Creative Impact Fund 2024 - Round 1

    Open now - Closes 1pm Tue 16 April
    Creative New Zealand funding to support artists, practitioners, and collaboratives to make, share and present work that enriches audiences and communities encouraging understanding and participation.

    Random Directions Film Festival 2024

    Open now - Closes midnight Mon 1 July
    Are you a budding film maker wanting to see your film on the big screen at Event Cinemas?

    Marlborough's most inclusive and creative Film Festival is now accepting entries from all creatives including first time movie makers to seasoned film makers from the Tasman/Marlborough region.

    Creative New Zealand 2024 Music Scholarships

    Open now - Closes 1pm Tue 16 April

    The Edwin Carr Foundation Scholarship enables composers to further their music studies overseas.

    The Jack McGill Music Scholarship enables young music practitioners to further their music studies overseas.

    The Butland Music Scholarship enables a young music practitioner to further their music studies anywhere that suits them.

    Creative Fellowship Fund 2024 - Round 1

    Open now - Closes 1pm Thu 18 April

    The Creative Fellowship Fund supports artists, practitioners and collaboratives for a period of time in which to think, explore, create, and develop fresh ideas and approaches in their work. It offers a contribution towards living costs, materials and resources needed to produce work.

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    Arts funding oppportunities