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    Wairau: Free Civil Defence systems training

    The lockdown period of March to May taught us a lot in terms of how best we support whānau within our community.  

    During a response, Civil Defence groups use what is called a  Co-ordinated Incident Management System (CIMS). Understanding how this system operates during an emergency is pivotal for us moving forward.

    Our awesome team at Marlborough Civil Defence has organised a CIMS4 course for Thursday 26 and Friday 27 November.    Spaces are limited to 20,  so it’s a first in first serve basis.  

    This is a free course (ignore what the brochure says) for Civil Defence volunteers, support agencies and other organisations that may be required to participate in an emergency response.  

    To register (or if you have any questions),  please contact our awesome Emergency Management Officer Gary Spence on 03 520 7475 or 021 220 4612.

    Download the brochure

    Michelle Lavender

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    Wairau: Free Civil Defence systems training