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    Starting the home ownership journey with Jordy and Josh

    Meet Jordy Peipi (Tūhoe, Ngāti Kahungunu) and Josh Reece (Te Ātiawa, Rangitāne, Ngāti Rārua), a young couple from Blenheim, who started their journey towards home ownership earlier this year with the guidance of Ka Uruora Te Tauihu.

    Motivated by the desire for stability and the dream of having a place they could truly call their own, they joined Ka Uruora to help them get prepared for the future.

    In their early 20s, the pair joined the first cohort of Ka Uruora Te Tauihu, seeking clarity around what owning a home could mean for them. At the outset, they say their understanding of the complexities of buying a house was limited, but their experience with Ka Uruora has left them feeling empowered and well-prepared for the road ahead.

    Jordy reflects on their initial uncertainty, stating “In the beginning, we didn’t even know where to start. Now we have clear roadmap to get us ready to buy a house when the time is right for us.”

    “We’ve gained valuable knowledge about all the things that go into buying a house – like how to secure a loan, credit scores, and how to manage your money,” adds Josh.

    Learning about the different pathways to home ownership that were available to whānau was a surprise to the couple says Jordy. “We had no idea about options like rent-to-buy, shared equity, and leasehold but were introduced to those options throughout the programme.”

    Josh confesses to feeling a bit nervous before starting Ka Uruora but says the support of fellow whānau on the programme made him feel much more at ease. The couple enjoyed the interactive nature of Ka Uruora, which allowed them to connect with other whānau, making the learning experience more enriching.

    “We could talk to each other, share experiences and knowledge and go on the journey together,” adds Josh.

    Ka Uruora Pou Tūhono (Navigator) Quilla Kiore was impressed by the young couple and the goals they have for the future.

    “Though young, Jordy and Josh struck me as a couple with clear vision and ambitious goals for their shared future. With Josh excelling in the field as a newly qualified builder and Jordy making waves as a primary school teacher, their dedication is admirable,” he says.

    “I have high hopes that partnering with Ka Uruora will be an integral part of the plan so that they will achieve their goal of home ownership and the stability that this will bring to this beautiful whānau,” he says.

    Looking ahead, Jordy and Josh have set their sights on managing their budget, keeping a watchful eye on the housing market, and working through their to-do list. While their plans are still evolving, they intend to keep their options open, knowing that Ka Uruora has equipped them with the knowledge and tools to make informed decisions.

    For other young whānau thinking about their own home ownership dreams, Jordy and Josh advocate for joining Ka Uruora.

    “Regardless of your unique circumstances or aspirations, Ka Uruora offers invaluable guidance, whether

    it’s in budgeting, debt management, securing a mortgage or understanding insurance,” says Jordy.

    Jordy and Josh’s journey with Ka Uruora shows the transformative impact of the programme, providing whānau with the knowledge, confidence, and support needed to achieve their dreams of home ownership and financial freedom.

    Please join us in celebrating Jordy and Josh’s achievements so far. We look forward to sharing updates from their journey in the future!

    Jordy and Josh's story is from the November 2023 Ka Uruora Te Tauihu pānui.

    Richard Liddicoat

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    Starting the home ownership journey with Jordy and Josh