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    New appointment galvanises collaborative Covid-19 response in Te Tauihu

    23 February 2021

    Below is a media release on behalf of Te Kotahi o Te Tauihu Charitable Trust, formed in February by all of the eight iwi of Te Tauihu.

    Ngā iwi Māori in Te Tauihu have taken a major step along the recovery path with the appointment of a new operations manager for Covid-19 response.

    Te Kotahi o Te Tauihu Charitable Trust, was formed in February by all of the eight iwi of Te Tauihu. Trust Co-chair Jaqui Ngawaka said the trust was formed to cement partnerships formed in ongoing response to Covid-19 and its variants across Te Tauihu.

    “Our strategic plan, “Kia Kotahi te Hoe”, is a collaborative effort firmly focussed on creating the best conditions for our whānau to thrive,” she said.

    “The trust is delighted to announce Dr Lorraine Eade as Operations Manager. She brings a wealth of experience and expertise to the role, and we are fortunate to be able to appoint a talented wahine from within Te Tauihu.”

    Dr Lorraine Eade has recently helped lead the Civil Defence pandemic welfare response in Wairau, later helping establish Te Pātaka, which delivered ongoing food support for whānau across the Top of the South.

    Lorraine says the new trust extends and solidifies that work.

    “During the initial Covid-19 response we saw that a wide range of better solutions were possible. We are continuing that work and embedding it into our business as usual.”

    “In practical terms, it means we are collaborating as iwi, hapū and marae along with central and local government, to feed and house whanau in need, and ensure there are opportunities for training and meaningful work. This is holistic wellness co-ordination across many organisations and delivered to where it is most needed.”

    Lorraine starts in her role in March and will be based in Wairau.

    About Kia Kotahi te Hoe

    In March 2020, ngā iwi o Te Tauihu responded to the rapidly unfolding Covid-19 crisis by collectively mandating an iwi response plan to lead alongside CDEM and ensure as far as possible that risks to iwi and Māori were minimised.  Comprised of whānau and māori from across the 8 iwi, mātāwaka, government agencies and other organisations, the performance of the mandated group was exemplary.

    While there was much to celebrate, the battle is not over as Aotearoa continues in a new normal marked by deep social and economic impacts.  While we might be faster alone, Te Tauihu iwi know that we can go further together so we want to ensure that iwi leadership and a unified Māori voice becomes ingrained across our communities and throughout the region of Te Tauihu.

    It is important that continued work by government agencies supports effective recovery for whānau.  With our crown partners beside us enabling actions and results, Te Tauihu iwi will lead and participate strongly to achieve operational impact for iwi priorities.

    Kia Kotahi te Hoe guiding principles are:

    1. Whāngai – Feeding our people
      Whānau will not go hungry on our watch
    2. Tāwharautia – Shelter and support
      Shelter the homeless and keep a roof over the heads of whānau
    3. Whiwhi Mahi – Work and Training
      Whānau will have access to meaningful work and training
    4. Whai Oranga – Holistic Wellness
      Whānau wellbeing includes mental, emotional, and spiritual support.

    Michelle Lavender

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    New appointment galvanises collaborative Covid-19 response in Te Tauihu