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    Ngā Aho Rau excited to represent our rohe

    • On stage: Thursday 27 June 6:00pm
    • Watch on Māori+
    • Performance highlights include:
      • Kōrero on the Nelson Tenths (waiata koroua)
      • Mihi to Te Puhi Ariki (whakawātea)

    Nā Kiriwai Spooner

    Ngā Aho Rau – the combined kapa of Nelson College and Nelson College for Girls – can’t wait to get on stage tomorrow at 6:00pm at Te Huinga Whetu, Kapa Haka Mana Kura Tuarua 2024. 

    Lead tutor Matua Wayne Hippolite said Ngā Aho Rau is "excited” to be able to perform in front of our own.  

    "This is our rohe, so we must represent well and compete!" 

    Their journey began after winning a qualification last year. They held their muster in February, attracting up to 60 students. Most of the kaihaka performing on Thursday are juniors, with 10 seniors from Nelson Boys and Girls College.  

    So, they could “give the best to our kids” the tutors created a structured plan to manage the students’ or other commitments. With the assistance of Tom Alessana and the committee, Ngā Aho Rau's tutorship created a schedule for the tutors and kaihaka to ensure they could fully commit to their kapa haka groups and fulfil their tutoring responsibilities. This provided students with set training and noho dates, and goals to reach for their performance.

    "It's a massive commitment on behalf of the kids,” Matua Wayne said.

     “We wanted to lift the kids from the level that they started at, and they have really worked at it” 

    With more than 300 hours of training already completed, the kapa put in around 100 hours in the past week alone, he said.  

    He also emphasized the importance of putting their best foot forward, stating, "This is our rohe, so we must represent well and compete! We want to compete!" 

    Performance highlights to look out for 

    Waiata koroua

    Ngā Aho Rau extends their thanks to Koro Rore, acknowledging the Nelson Tenths. Continuing the legacy of Te Kuru Marutea, they aim to share their kōrero with everyone at Kura Tuarua. Listen for this in their waiata koroua. 


    “Our whakawātea is a mihi to Te Puhi Ariki, reflecting on her words about young people and kotahitanga (unity).” 

    “It’s about us being able to take that kōrero, lift it up, and start moving with it. That’s our encouragement to our rangatahi today. Our Puhi Ariki said this. So let’s think about it and what we can do moving forward to bring about kotahitanga, mana motuhake, and tino rangatiratanga.” 

    “The special thing to watch out for is the kaihaka themselves. Ngā Aho Rau is a group of young rangatahi; so young, but so keen and eager."  

    Growing for the future, ensuring we don’t stop! 

    Ngā Aho Rau is fortunate to have dedicated tutors like Matua Wayne, Te Puoho Stephens, and Bailee Tava, along with support from Ngā Aho Rau alumni Antoinette and Kaia Ashby and Ngakau Moka.  

    “It’s about growing the capacity for the future. I’m not always going to be around,” said Matua Wayne, emphasizing the importance of nurturing the next generation of tutors and supporters for Ngā Aho Rau.  

    Events like Te Mana Kuratahi and now Kapa Haka Kura Tuarua, and looking ahead to Te Matatini in 2027, offer valuable opportunities to come together as a rohe.  

    “We’re growing our kids and our capacity to fill up teams, have the skill levels, and manaaki our manuhiri.” 

    The emergence of the new senior group, Te Kuru Marutea is also increasing the depth of talent and skills around the rohe. 

    Grateful for support

    “We’re hugely thankful to all the support we’ve had. The iwi, the community, parents, and the kura have all played a significant role in driving the students.” 

    As the only team representing Te Tauihu, Ngā Aho Rau carries a certain responsibility. Matua Wayne hopes and pushes for more teams to qualify for national competitions in the future, noting growth within Wairau and kura in the Whakatū area. 

    By fostering and developing the art form and the capacity to tutor, Ngā Aho Rau is building a strong foundation for the future. 

    Ngā Aho Rau are excited and ready to take the stage and represent to the best of their ability. 

    We wish them all the best and we are proud to have them representing us. Karawhiua! 

    Richard Liddicoat

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    Ngā Aho Rau excited to represent our rohe