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    Positive ideas, discussion at Te Aka Tairoa wānanga

    The first of our wānanga to support our Te Aka Tairoa research project was held on Sunday at Hauhunga Marae.

    Twenty-two people attended the hui, to dive into the results of our survey and to work on ideas for improving communications and ensuring whānau aspirations are met.

    Project lead Thomas Shorrock said the kōrero was positive and insightful.

    “We talked about the challenges of communication and the types of things whānau would like to see.

    “But we also explored wider issues – the importance of capturing, storing and using data, ensuring all whānau have access to devices, and ways of getting information, and so on.

    Second Wānanga this Sunday 10am

    There’s another wānanga at the Tokomaru Whare, Te Āwhina Marae at 10am this Sunday 26 May, and it is hoped to hold more in the future.

    Please register for catering purposes.

    Take the Survey

    Thomas is encouraging as many people as possible to take the survey.

    “We still need whānau to complete the survey, and have yet to draw the $150 Prezzy cards, so make sure you don’t miss out!”   

    The survey will close 30 June.

    Next steps

    Later, once the research is complete, findings will be collated and shared back with whānau. As findings and suggestions may have budgetary impact, they will be considered and prioritised for inclusion in our work plans.

    Richard Liddicoat

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    Positive ideas, discussion at Te Aka Tairoa wānanga