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    Whakaritea mō te COVID-19 Get COVID-19 ready

    Some whānau may be aware that in Te Tauihu we have combined with other iwi to form Te Kotahi te Tauihu Charitable Trust to take responsibility for much of our COVID-19 response and recovery in this rohe.

    Elsewhere throughout the motu we haven't combined to the same degree but we know that local iwi have so we're sure that between all of the Māori entities we'll have you covered this Kirihimete me te Tau Hou Pākehā!

    The whānau plan below is to assist you with preparing for increased COVID-19 in your community. A lot like we carry out fire drills and earthquake drills we hope that whānau will carry out a COVID-19 preparedness drill in the next wee while.

    The pdf version can be downloaded here.

    Michelle Lavender

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    Whakaritea mō te COVID-19 Get COVID-19 ready