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    Who can register?

    You may be eligible to register if you affiliate to Ngāti Rārua Iwi through descent from a primary ancestor who, in addition, was allocated  lands in Te Tau Ihu, as recorded on the official Ngāti Rārua Tūpuna List.  

    The Trustees may require any person who enrols on the Iwi Members’  Register to provide evidence verifying his or her affiliation to Ngāti  Rārua through descent from a tupuna on the Tūpuna List.

    Applications must be received on an official Ngāti Rārua Member Registration form.

    How to register:

    To register as a member of the Ngāti Rārua Iwi Trust and Ngāti Rārua Settlement Trust, you will need to complete both sides of the registration form and post to:

    Te Rūnanga o Ngāti Rārua
    P O Box 1026
    BLENHEIM 7240

    Update your details:

    It is important that we have current contact details for all our Iwi  Members so any information is sent to the correct address.  Please  ensure that you contact the office via phone, email or post if your  details change.

    Ph: (03) 577 8468
    Post: P O Box 1026, BLENHEIM 7240