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    Te Tai Tonga Reo Māori Summit

    The inaugural Te Tai Tonga Reo Māori Summit is being proudly hosted in Whakatu this year and is an exciting opportunity to gather all language champions together from throughout the rohe to discuss how we continue to grow te reo Māori within our communities.

    One of the key goals for the Summit is to create greater awareness of the current te reo revitalisation efforts being carried out within their communities and furthermore that they are equipped with the tools to contribute and lead revitalisation efforts within each of these communities.

    After the events of last year, now is great time to move forward with strength and unity to awaken more awareness of the benefits of language planning, to engage with more opportunities to learn te reo Māori and to transmit increased usage and access to reo ā iwi focused, resources and learning opportunities.

    The three day event will be held at the Rutherford Hotel in Nelson. Please register here and arrangements will be made for your attendance at the Summit.

    We look forward to seeing you at the Te Tai Tonga Te Reo Summit being held in Nelson 16-18 July.

    Michelle Lavender

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    Te Tai Tonga Reo Māori Summit