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    Project Moturoa training opportunity

    As this video from DOC explains, the Moturoa Project is a 10 month programme made up of conservation content but with a significant difference: Te Ao Māori was woven throughout, with tikanga me ngā uara (protocol and principles) fundamental to all delivery.

    The Moturoa project was designed specifically with rangatahi in mind, acknowledging that they are a critical component of future capability and capacity and succession planning for iwi.

    The June intake is about to close.

    Click the video to learn more about Project Moturoa Kaitiaki Whenua. The June 2020 intake closes soon.

    More information

    You can find more information on the NMIT website:…/pr…/kaitiaki-whenua-trainee-ranger/

    Michelle Lavender

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    Project Moturoa training opportunity