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    Tuia : Mentoring Rārua rangatahi

    We have an exceptional opportunity for a Rārua Rangatahi (18- 25 yrs) to grow into a leader of the future.

    The Tuia Rangatahi programme provides mentoring and development opportunities for rangatahi in Wairau.

    This is an excellent opportunity to gain practical experience and insight about making positive change in your rohe. We encourage anyone who is interested to get in touch – or pass this opportunity to someone who would be the perfect fit.

    Put names forward today

    So if you, or anyone you know is interested, please send names and contact details to or phone us on 553-1198.

    The final decision will be made by the  pouwhakahaere and the board chair.

    How it works

    At a local level, the mayor will work with a rangatahi from their district who they will mentor. The goal is to develop leadership and community contribution skills.

    Mentoring happens on a monthly basis, and can involve both informal meetings and participation at formal occasions. The relationship will also provide both parties with the opportunity to gain a deeper insight into inter-generational issues, cultural values and experiences.

    Selected rangatahi will be expected to undertake a 100-hour community contribution project in their respective communities.

    Rangatahi will also attend five wānanga in different parts of the country over the year to build networks, obtain support and have exposure to a diverse range of people from across the country.

    More information

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    Tuia : Mentoring Rārua rangatahi