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    Whangamoa Saddle SH6 night closures in February

    State Highway 6 Whangamoa Saddle, between Rai Valley and Hira, will have three weeks of night closures in February for road resurfacing and maintenance work.

    • The work will run from 11 February until 1 March.
    • During this time State Highway 6 between Hira and Rai Valley will be closed from 8 pm to 5.30 am, Sunday to Thursday nights.
    • No work will be undertaken on Friday and Saturdays.

    One nightly opening at 12.30am

    There will be one nightly opening of the road at 12:30 am to allow vehicles through. Drivers must be at the closure points (at the weighbridge in Hira, and on the Rai Valley straight at Rai Engineering & Mechanical) by 12:30 am.

    Keep up-to-date and plan ahead

    There will be other areas of work on our state highways across the top of the South during February. Bad weather may see works delayed or extended.

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    Whangamoa Saddle SH6 night closures in February