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    2023 Election and AGM Notice

    Notice of Day of Election, Candidate Names and Annual General Meeting for Ngāti Rārua Iwi Trust & Ngāti Rārua Settlement Trust

    Nominations Received

    Nominations for three (3) Trustees closed on Thursday 12 October 2023. The following people have been duly nominated:

    • LUKE, Andrew (Anaru)
    • MACDONALD, Hoani
    • PIGGOTT, Rima
    • YOUNG, Aneika

    As there are more candidates than there are vacancies to be filled, an election will be held between the listed candidates on Saturday 18 November 2023.

    Method of voting

    Voting will be held under the first-past-the-post electoral system, by way of postal and online ballot. The relevant dates are:

    • Voting Papers will be mailed to Adult Registered Members from Thursday 19 October 2023;
    • Special voting will be available from Thursday 19 October 2023 to 12 noon, Saturday 18 November 2023 by phoning 0800 922 822.
    • Postal and Online voting closes at 12 noon, Saturday 18 November 2023;
    • Ballot box voting will be available for the hand-delivery of voting documents at the Annual General Meeting from 10.30am to 12 noon on Saturday 18 November 2023;

    For further information, or to view the Deeds of Trust, please contact:

    • Te Rūnanga o Ngāti Rārua Wairau Office, 65 Scott Street, Blenheim;
    • Te Rūnanga o Ngāti Rārua Whakatū Office, 187 Bridge Street, Nelson;
    • Email:
    • Phone 0800 NGA TIR (0800 642 847)

    Annual General Meeting

    An Annual General Meeting will be held at Hauhunga Marae, 188 Wairau Bar Road, Spring Creek at 10.30am on Saturday 18 November 2023.

    Matters to be discussed at the Annual General Meeting are as follows:

    1. Karakia timatanga
    2. Mihimihi 
    3. Annual Report for 2022-2023      
    4. Appoint Auditor   
    5. Declaration of Election Result  
    6. Farewell and welcome Trustees   
    7. Wā tina  
    8. Wānanga

    Invitation to register

    Ngāti Rārua invites anyone who has not already registered, aged 18 years or over, and with the appropriate whakapapa, to apply to be included on the Trust’s Members Register.

    Registration forms can be obtained from the Rūnanga at Tokomaru House, 65 Scott Street, Blenheim, or by emailing:

    Dated at Blenheim, 16 October 2023

    Dale Ofsoske, Returning Officer Independent Election Services Ltd for Ngāti Rārua Iwi Trust & Ngāti Rārua Settlement Trust
    Phone (03) 577 8468                                                              

    Haven’t got your voting papers? 

    If you haven’t got papers, or have lost them, please get in touch with Election Services. It’s the quickest way to make sure your vote is counted: 

    Election Services are open Monday to Friday 8am-5pm. 

    They can also assist you to cast a vote if you are eligible to register but haven’t got around to it yet. Anybody who casts a vote in this way will be checked by the Komiti Whakapapa on the day of the election to ensure the vote is valid. 

    Update your details 

    If registered whānau haven’t received papers it is often because we have incorrect postal details. If you have moved or have different contact details, send us an email at 

    Richard Liddicoat

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    2023 Election and AGM Notice