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    Highest level of protection coming for Te Waikoropupū

    The Environment court has ordered the highest national level of protection available for Te Waikoropupū in Mohua - a water conservation order.

    After many years of discussions and resource management hearings this is a significant and immensely positive outcome for Ngā Iwi o Mohua and Te Waikoropupū.

    We must acknowledge that Ngāti Tama have played an incredibly significant role to safeguard the cultural, ecological and spiritual value of the waterways and land. They did so for the benefit of the whole community and for future generations. We thank them for this.

    We must also acknowledge the late John Ward-Holmes, who humbly and steadfastly spearheaded this incredibly important work on behalf of Ngāti Tama, Te Ātiawa and Ngāti Rārua.

    The decision said the outstanding tikanga Māori, spiritual, ecological and biodiversity values of the springs were at significant risk from human-induced pollution, particularly increasing nitrate levels. For that reason, the waters should be closely monitored and protected, and water allocations would be limited in the future.

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    Richard Liddicoat

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    Highest level of protection coming for Te Waikoropupū